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Tailored Workshops and Programmes

Most courses, and all in-house courses for business are run on an ad-hoc basis, and dates will included as interest is shown. If courses are to be held outside Letchworth, Hertfordshire, there may be an additional venue charge. If you would like a course tailored for your needs, please ask, we will be happy to assist.


Introduction to Better Breathing: Combining the clinically proven Buteyko Breathing Method with relaxation and awareness techniques. 1 day workshop.  This can be tailored for well-being professionals interested in supporting their clients’ well-being – stage one of qualification training.  Please note that CPD certificates can be provided.

Call 01462 624 160 or email for further information. Events will be held monthly in Letchworth.

Discounts are available for referrals. I will run a course in your area for a minimum of 10 people, age 10 years+ Ask about breathing help for younger children.


Minimum numbers to run: 3 £150 per person per weekend

Reiki is one of the simplest and most effective methods of energy healing. Suitable for all ages and helpful for a wide range of conditions, at the very least Reiki is relaxing, supporting and speeding the body’s natural healing processes. (For further details click on Reiki button.)

LEVEL 1 (no prerequisite, but ideally have received Reiki) – 2nd weekend of every month. For use on yourself, your family, friends and pets.

LEVEL 2 (Level 1 certificate plus minimum 6 months’ use prerequisite ) – 3rd weekend March, May, August, November. Training allows you to provide Reiki at a professional level, ideal in association with massage, reflexology etc.

MASTERY (Level 2 certificate plus minimum 12 months’ regular use with clients) – 2 weekends over 3 months. Dates TBA An increased level of personal and spiritual development along with practical teaching skills allowing you to train others if you so wish.Dates TBA

SELF-NURTURING 2 day workshop

Looking after yourself effectively is essential if you are to have the resources to give anything to others. This practical workshop helps you create a practical framework of self-care with increased skills so you can enjoy your life more. Relax, gain clarity, set useful targets for well-being and understand how to get your needs met effectively.

Minimum numbers to run: 5

£150  Get a 15% discount off your ticket price for each person you bring.


Minimum numbers to run: 6 £150 per person per weekend

NLP – the art and science of excellence!

Explore the subtle impacts of your tone of voice, gestures and language patterns on communication.
Use your innate understanding of your position in time to move from ‘I wish’ to ‘I will’ with minimum effort.
Discover how relating your motivation to someone else’s can gain you increased co-operation in every negotiation.
Release past limitations and create a dynamic future using your unique internal processes. >
Learn to relax and think clearly at will – shine at presentations and job interviews!


The Heart Centred Healer



Do you ever:

  • Feel physically or mentally drained after a session?
  • Start to dread seeing a particular (or indeed any) client?
  • Feel as if you’ve taken on at least part of your client’s problems?
  • Think about them in the middle of the night?
  • Feel you’re not being paid what you’re worth?
  • Wonder how to help more people without being exhausted?

A high proportion of therapists experience exhaustion after dealing with certain clients. And sometimes when dealing with friends and family members. If you’ve ever understood the term ‘energy vampire’ then this is the course for you.

It’s all too easy to allow empathy and connection to create a less than healthy rapport. Quite unconsciously you might find yourself matching body language, speech patterns, voice tones, energy, emotions and even points of view, of someone. The more intensely ‘negative’ they feel, the more they are likely to impact on you.

Being very detached is possible, but both you and the client will lose a lot in the process. So how to create a healthy balance and keep you energised?

Step one – know your ideal client and how to reach them.  If you focus on them, your life will improve and you will do even better work with every client you see!

Build a powerful, resourceful state that will be valuable in every area of your life. Feel empowered, calm, clear minded, positive and energised, flexible and aware. Learn how to make that state available at will! Great for you, and a real asset to be able to teach your clients too.

Learn to use positive rapport deliberately – matching only the neutral and healthy elements of your client’s physiology and language.

Find out how ‘pace and lead’ works so you can use rapport to move your client into a better state subtly and effortlessly.

Create healthy boundaries in your work and life, based on your personal values.

Recognise the warning signals so you can turn things around – fast!

Discover how to recognise the most subtle signals from clients – become even more effective with less effort.

Enjoy your career more, for as long as you choose.


Change your life today!