WHAT is the key element of your business? What shapes it? What brings it alive day after day?

The answer has to be YOU!

Your vision, your drive, your skills – yes, absolutely. Even more importantly, the person you are, with all your beliefs, and the things you value.

When you know what you truly value, you can create a life, and business, in alignment with who you really are. That creates flow, attracts the clients, the support, the opportunities, that you need.

This is law of attraction in action; it’s also plain common sense!

Imagine a business in which the proprietor values caring, space, quality and making connection. Imagine that somehow they ended up running a business in a lightless, small office; selling products that fall apart in a short time; by mail-order. It would be hell. The only way they could make a success of such a business would be to stop being themselves. Long-term, this is not a viable strategy! Something has to give. Self-respect, energy, well-being. Eventually, the business itself!

Imagine the same woman running a business in a place with light and space, the opportunity to meet people, make sure their needs are met with high quality products or services.

Which one will prosper? Which one will love their work? Which one will attract clients and gain referrals?

How closely does your business, and the way you run it, really match your values?

Consider what you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. (eg: cleaning, accounting, networking, sales, service provision, self-nurturing, learning…..) List them where they fit against the categories below.

1 Skilled at and enjoy doing, important to the business
2 a) Skilled at, dislike doing, important to the business
OR b) Unskilled, enjoy doing, important to the business.
3 Skilled at, enjoy doing, NOT important to the business
4 Unskilled, dislike doing, NOT important to the business

1. If you’re doing lots of this you’re right on target! Would it be helpful to do more?

2. If you’re spending lots of time here, you have several options: delegate, upskill, find ways to have more fun with it, change your business model.

3.If this is where your heart lies, can you incorporate it into your current business effectively? If not, keep it as a hobby, or rethink your business. Or you could just keep distracting yourself with it…..

4. What on earth are you wasting your time and energy on this for?