Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’. A system of natural energy use and balance, Reiki is relaxing and soothing to body and mind.

Reiki is given with the client fully clothed. The intention is to create a state of deep calm and relaxation, so the person has a body that is in an excellent state to heal and repair itself, with a mind at peace.

Although Reiki is often given with hands touching the client, it is just as effective used without direct contact, the therapist placing hands within the energy field. Some of Jen’s clients have said they can even feel it through a plaster cast. Reiki may be felt as local heat, tingling, or even coolness. Often there will be a feeling of stillness and calm, and it is quite common for people to fall asleep.

A full session takes about an hour. Suitable for all ages, from babies on, even pregnant women can benefit from this gentle treatment.

Reiki can also be used to great effect on animals – as in humans, healing can occur physically or in the psyche. Compatible with any other system of healing, whether western or alternative, Reiki can support healing and personal development at all levels. It is completely safe and non-intrusive.


1st Degree Reiki – for personal use

The first level of Reiki is intended for use in healing self, family and friends and pets at a personal level.

Usually a weekend course, it involves:

  • an introduction to the energy field,
  • chakras, and how they relate to health and well-being
  • history of Reiki and energy healing
  • attunements to the Reiki energy
  • hand positions for healing
  • creating a healing space
  • ethics
  • meditation, visualisation
  • practice in using Reiki

Junior Reiki training available: from ages 10+ 1 day workshop

2nd Degree – practitioner

This course will enable the Reiki student to provide professional therapy to clients. Pre-requisite: Reiki 1. Generally a 2 day course, with case studies required, it includes:

  • a review of Reiki principles
  • levels of healing – mind, body, spirit
  • Reiki symbols and their use
  • attunement to the 2nd degree of Reiki
  • ethics
  • case histories and examples
  • distance healing
  • grounding and clearing energy
  • communication and rapport with clients
  • maintaining your own good state
  • insurance and legal concerns
  • living the principles of Reiki
  • practical experience

Optional Day 3 – working with animals
Suitable for pet owners and people working with animals professionally. Can be held at your place of work if suitable.

3rd Degree – Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Mastery brings with it further responsibility, with the option to teach and pass on Reiki. This course is in 2 parts. Pre-requisite: Reiki 1 and 2.

Stage 1 – 2 days

  • Revision of Reiki history and principles
  • Sharing experiences
  • Responsibilities and duties of a Reiki Master
  • Master symbols, their meaning and use
  • History and practice of passing attunements
  • Attunement to 3rd level Reiki
  • Meditations
  • Chakra energies
  • Expanding spiritual awareness

STAGE 2 – 2 days

  • Creating a teaching programme
  • Language patterns and rapport
  • Student assessment
  • Further personal development

My Guarantee

Feel noticeably better after every session (your definition!) or don’t pay me for that session!

If you’re concerned about ‘therapy’ involving painful explorations of past experiences, or taking long periods of time, you’ll be delighted to know that using techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) offer a quick, gentle and effective approach!

Much of the work can be done ‘content free’ using processes that access the experience without pain or distress. Many of my clients are delighted to find that they have spent much of their session comfortably relaxed, even laughing, discovering how easy change can be.

What a relief!