You’ve probably heard (or at least experienced) that it generally takes between 5 and 9 marketing ‘touches’ before people buy something major – a treatment, workshop, progamme, full product range etc.
“Arggh! Marketing!  Yuck!  I hate sales!”  I hear you say.  But marketing is just another name for the way you reach out to people who want and need your product or service that don’t yet know you personally.  The sale is just when they agree the value of your offering.  You do value it, don’t you?Public events that will attract relevant attendees  can be a highly effective way of reaching people outside your usual list of  connections.   (The picture below is from an event attended by several Healerzone members who quite by ‘accident’ ended up together  – we created a fabulous ‘buzz’, especially as we warmly referred people to each other!)

busy healerzone stand
If you’re thinking about exhibiting at the  Herts Health and Wholeness Festival (or any similar event), it’s really important to spend time to get clear about what you want to get out of it.  What’s possible to get out of it.  Sure, sales on the day are good.  But these events can be MUCH more than that.Could it also be about

* giving tasters that demonstrate your products/skills to potential long-term clients
* a chance to promote your workshops, books or training
* networking opportunities with people who could cross-refer or even create joint ventures with you
* often other exhibitors are potentially your clients/customers; after all, they probably share a high percentage of your values!
* photo or video opportunity
* learning opportunities
* getting ideas from other exhibitors on stall presentation, banner/flyer designs and great ideas for interacting with the public to make your next event even better
* simply getting your name out there
* educating people about your offering who would otherwise be unlikely to find you, whether in 1-1 conversations or giving a talk
* make friends
* attending talks or workshops (ideally with a friend/colleague looking after your stall!)
* using it as a chance to get feedback on something you’re planning to offer in the future
* ?????
When you have thought about these aspects of how your business might benefit, you will be much more open to opportunities that could otherwise be missed!   Remember, what you do on the day can pay off with clients who return many times, or people who never purchase a thing but refer you to others!Remember: the process of good, ethical marketing is
Strategy – relationship  building – information exchange – sale – great experience – ongoing sales and referrals – building your reputation as a wonderful, ethical person to do business with.    And you are, aren’t you?!

When you show up authentically, open to possibilities, grounded, optimistic, you offer your best self to your ‘audience’ without coming across as desperate!   Confidence builds with experience, and so does your effectiveness at these events.  Ask for help and advice from more experienced people, jot down what you learn from it all, and above all