Hypnotherapy creates a state of altered awareness, known as trance, in which the sub-conscious mind can be directed to new, healthier habits and responses.

Trance is simply a state in which we are intensely concentrated on something, shutting out most other information temporarily. It occurs naturally when deeply involved in a book or movie, daydreaming, remembering a past event, or enjoying a physical activity to the exclusion of other thoughts and awareness. Deep relaxation is an ideal doorway to trance, and with it access to the unconscious mind.

It is the unconscious mind in which the patterns of belief and habits of behaviour create our daily experience. Once learned thoroughly, everything from walking, stopping automatically at a red light, or catching a ball are available at need, without conscious effort. Our bodies function without our conscious input, while our beliefs and habits directly impact on our well-being.

Rather than getting the conscious mind to use will-power against the powerful automatic processes of the unconscious, hypnosis allows us to work directly with the programmes that make up so much of our life. Often people have outdated beliefs that are no longer useful – limiting ideas about their potential for health, wealth, and loving relationships. These can be adjusted, upgraded, and redirected to healthier options.

Hypnotherapy is closely allied to NLP techniques, and skillful use of NLP language patterns makes this type of changework even more effective.

It is possible to quickly take the mind into a calm, relaxed state, for example by using a guided visualisation. The client creates the experience in their own mind – therefore they remain in charge of their experience. The therapist acts as director of the scene, and can make suggestions. In a state of deep relaxation/trance the unconscious mind can be accessed much more easily, making change possible at such a deep level that it can transform a belief system, enhance the immune system, and radiate confidence and well being from within.

My Guarantee

Feel noticeably better after every session (your definition!) or don’t pay me for that session!

If you’re concerned about ‘therapy’ involving painful explorations of past experiences, or taking long periods of time, you’ll be delighted to know that using techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) offer a quick, gentle and effective approach!

Much of the work can be done ‘content free’ using processes that access the experience without pain or distress. Many of my clients are delighted to find that they have spent much of their session comfortably relaxed, even laughing, discovering how easy change can be.

What a relief!