CPD Workshops for therapists 

Sparkling self-care –
feel great as you make a difference

Therapists, healers, coaches, carers, trainers – are you passionate about your work, giving it all you’ve got?

Therapists, counsellors and medical staff (and others in the helping professions) often leave themselves out of  the caring  equation, then wonder how they end up exhausted and potentially burnt out.

Please remember: The more you have (energy, skills, knowledge, money) the more you can safely afford to give!

Where are you on the burnout scale?

 VIBRANT                  COPING                STRESSED              STRUGGLING            BURNT OUT?

If you’ve ever noticed ‘energy vampires’ in your life (people, events, behaviours, thought patterns or even places etc) then this is the workshop for you. We’ll look at what drains you, and what sustains you, so you can begin to build a personal plan for long term well-being.

It’s time to build up your resources and become a truly resilient therapist!  The workshop will include very practical skills training supporting mind, body and spirit.

  • REFRESH your spirit

  • RENEW your energy

  • RECLAIM your boundaries

  • RE-SOURCE yourself

During this richly layered 6 hour workshop you will:

*  Discover the value of resilience – feeling great as you make a difference!

*  Explore the options – caring doesn’t have to mean giving till you drop!

*  Recognise the signs of impending exhaustion, LONG before they affect you

*  Avoid the negative rapport trap – discover how to create a truly healthy rapport with your clients

*  Create a dynamic state that empowers you AND your clients effortlessly

*  Build your energy and resources with simple use anytime techniques

*  Create new boundaries based on your values, and learn how to ensure they are honoured (this may mean saying no!)

Healing with Breathing

Breathe better, feel better, with a combination of clinically proven Buteyko breathing and relaxation techniques in this one day workshop.  Excellent introduction for therapists.

The simplest thing we can do to increase health, balance, and calm is to breathe well.   Rejuvenating your body is only a breath away.  Do you know your potential for creating well-being?  

We breathe between 20 and 30 THOUSAND times a day!  That’s a lot of opportunities to improve your oxygen uptake, balance your body’s PH, improve pain tolerance, smooth muscle movements  and strengthen the immune system.  In addition it increases your ability to meditate and heightens awareness –  that is, if you breathe correctly for whatever level of activity you are involved in.

Long term habits of poor breathing can result in symptoms of asthma, sinusitis, snoring, anxiety, immune system disorders, disordered thinking, high blood pressure, and simple exhaustion.  (depending on your genetic predispositions and personal history).   Discover how simple it can be to reverse those habits and significantly reduce or even eliminate those problems.

If you’re already healthy, especially if you’re an athlete, better breathing will help you increase stamina, improve recovery time and improve your fitness level.  If you love to meditate, truly Optimal Breathing will transform your practice.

In this highly practical workshop you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • What good breathing REALLY means
  • How good breathing reverses long term health issues such as asthma (and the clinical trial results that back this up)
  • How to assess your own breathing
  • Recognise your own triggers for unhealthy/inefficient breathing
  • How to engage your best breathing muscles, even if you haven’t used them in years!
  • The simplest way to create inner quiet and connect with your intuition
  • 5 simple ways to improve your breathing every day

Individual sessions or further group workshops are available if you wish to explore this further.   Even if you have asthma or panic, usually a series of 4 further sessions will allow you to reverse, and after a short while, prevent your symptoms.   (Asthmatics will be encouraged to consult their doctors before reducing and gradually coming off medication, which is usually a genuine option.) For more complex issues, such as PTSD, Jen can provide effective treatments that have rapid results and long term benefits.

The workshop fee is £80, which includes a manual and relaxation CD.      




Get Visible!  Social media basics for your heart centred business.

Do you want to reach more people who need your help? Is it important to you to make a difference as you make a living? If you’d like to feel more comfortable using social media for your business, this is the workshop for you!
You’ll find out about setting up a useful profile, creating and posting events, the practical differences between the different platforms, basic ‘netiquette’, privacy issues and much more. 10am to 5pm. Lunch included.

We can explore facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pinterest and and how having a presence there can help you reach people that would not otherwise ever find you! (Yes, this bit is about Marketing. No, it’s not a dirty word!) We’ll also look at making the most of the Healerzone.com site.

This course has been designed for the social media novice with a heart centred small business/charity and there will be the option of follow up support via video conference groups. We start with the assumption that you don’t know anything and that there is no such thing as a stupid question! If you can let me know any specific questions you have before the event I’ll do my best to include them in the day.

It will be a small group so we can do what YOU need.    If you want private tuition, which can be done via skype if necessary, or want to arrange a workshop closer to you, please get in touch.

Please bring a laptop (ipad shows limited facilities but ok at a pinch), let me know if that isn’t possible.


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