radiant pink heartI recently had a sudden memory of a beautiful experience from several years ago.  I was sitting relaxing, when I heard a hauntingly lovely voice gently speaking.  I listened for a few minutes, entranced.

At first I thought it was a neighbour’s radio reaching me through the open window, but no, it was closed.  I was alone in the house, no radio or televison on….. then I realised I was listening to my own private ‘radio Jen’, my own personal muse.  Was it from my unconscious mind, my higher self, or from an external source – it certainly wasn’t my busy, academic mind, whatever else it was!  And it genuinely ‘sounded’ as if it came from outside my body.

I asked aloud, is this mine?  Is it meant for me?  And a blunt response: yes, it’s yours, if you want it; better get it down, it will never be repeated.  A bleak moment that I had failed to record the previous words, a dive to the computer, where I took dicatation of the last ‘verse’ of poetry.

Here are the words I heard.   May they take you on your own journey beyond.

“Poetry unfurls in my brain like a sail taken by the wind

A way to move against a current of progress I know not

And fear only so much as I can cry against it

The words pay me for their attention with sweet clarity without understanding

Bright films of light and shape and colour across my vision

Holding beauty, lacking meaning

Time has no structure, nor freedom place

Wild things beyond comprehension making bowers in my heart.”

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller – founder of Healerzone
jentiller@realityquest.co.uk – See more at: http://www.healerzone.com/magazine.html#sthash.oLBgZNPJ.dpuf