by Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now)

Penguin Books Published 2005 ISBN-13: 978-0-141-02759-3 313 pages

This book is a challenge to our every day view of the world. Eckart Tolle consistently reminds us that being in the present moment is vital to maintaining sanity and creating spiritual space.

When you experience this moment without demanding that it is other than it is, the mind quiets (briefly at first!) and healthier options become more available. The shoulds, oughts and musts become less immediate, and the spirit balances and lifts. This book requires much of its readers. All is illusion, yet we must deal with the ‘real’ world while recognising our own blinkers and filters.

According to the author, the ego is just the experience, it is the observer, the consciousness that there IS an experience, that is the true self. In NLP terms, being in second position – constantly. Many of us can achieve that briefly, but observing our selves every moment requires huge discipline.

There are numerous exercises in the book to assist with achieving greater awareness.

I found this book fascinating, difficult, and occasionally the logic trail eluded me – a certain amount of faith seems required to accept the whole structure. As I continue to try to observe myself thinking about trying to observe myself (a bit tortuous that!) there come definite moments of stillness, clarity and honesty that are worth having. I’m sure more will come.

A personal hint: start with the space between the breaths to create instant quiet. Breathe out, rest the breath, notice the quiet. It’s always there waiting for you.