Type: Alternative earth novel – suitable for 10+


by Terry Pratchett

Doubleday Books Published 2008 ISBN: 978-0-385-61730-5 410 pages

There is some humour, and a great deal of gentle social commentary in this story of the aftermath of a tidal wave on a small island in the southern oceans. Set in an alternative time line of about a century ago, a very young English heiress is the only survivor of a shipwreck. Meeting with the remaining islander, a young lad caught (to him literally) in the moment between boyhood and adulthood, the culture shock for both provides the source of character development, plot and humour alike.

Together they discover that the oral history of the island, with it’s gods and magic, has a basis in reality. Science and faith collide as they and the stragglers that find refuge on the island come to a new understanding of their place in the world.

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