When you go into the field of supporting the well-being of others, there’s always a core passion, plus one or more key skills you bring to the job.  But there’s more to it than that.   Reaching the people you wish to serve (and potentially be paid by unless you’re volunteering) is one of the key activities of a self-employed person or you won’t get the chance to do what you love to do!  And think of all the people you won’t help if they don’t know about you…..
Law of Attraction, mindset, intention, relaxed expectation rather than desperation – crucial.  It still won’t do the job if you don’t take practical action.
First of all, ask yourself – where do my ideal clients hang out?  Or people who could refer me to them?  No point doing any of the following unless your audience is there to notice!  So how can you get in front of potential clients so they become aware of you?   Here are some tried and tested ways (pick just one or two for starters and do it consistently before adding something else!):
* Face to face networking (casually when you’re just chatting to people, or at dedicated business networking events)
* Referrals by other therapists/medics or happy clients (do you have a formal affiliate scheme, reward system, or at least a habit of saying thank you?!)
* Your website or blog (what’s your google ranking like?  Do you promote it on social media?  How else do they find it?)
* Giving talks
* Flyers, cards and brochures on notice boards or through letter boxes
* Exhibitions relevant to your client base
* Paid marketing in newspapers/online
* Promotions where you give free sessions at a well-being centre or similar
* Working through a well-being centre which does some marketing (they will still expect you to spread the word!)
* Being an expert on a tele-summit (multiple speakers)
* How-to videos on Youtube
And of course you need to have a clear message – that’s another blog!By the way, if your next step is getting comfortable with social media, you might enjoy one of my workshops on the basics of fb, twitter, linkedin and google+  http://www.healerzone.com/events/profile/413

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